Tuesday, 22 June 2010

in between

yesterday i had a day off
so I went to Memphis
as you do
and here are some things i did for the first time

drove a Chrysler [likely also to be the last]
walked down Beale Street [and back up]
ate catfish
drank a Hurricane
helped count 127 churches along route 64

the visit was short but sweet
but i'll be back sometime...


  1. Never been to Memphis...certainly have never imbibed a Hurricane...but I owned a Chrysler once :>]
    Isn't it a grand thing to have *firsts*?!
    Happy trails for your next leg.

  2. otherwise it will be sweet memories....

    (how taste a hurricane?)

  3. Just loving your postings but really miss the black background. It was perfect and I keep thinking -if it aint broke ,don't fix it!-
    I'm all for a change but -Beige?!

  4. SIGH

    guess you can't please all the people all of the time
    lots of folks emailed and complained they couldn't read the black

    maybe a storm cloud will blow in soon...

  5. Memphis is 155 miles from Florence, Alabama, which is where http://www.alabamachanin.com/journal has her studio.

    All hand made clothing...

  6. sounds like a grand day with different experiences- I assume a hurricane is a beer?

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  8. Nice to know there is still 'firsts' out there to experience!

    Hey, we can be friends with ALL colors! -J