Wednesday, 16 June 2010

if you go down to the woods today...

if you go down to the woods today
you'd better not go alone
never mind the teddy bears
you'll need a friend to do "tickcheck"

insect life aside
the woods around Shakerag are very beautiful
with an amazing flora
but we're not picking
just collecting windfalls

and making delightful bundles

the first windfall walk revealed some spectacular colours
like that oak leaf print at bottom right [in the image above]

and this blue-green magic from a mystery leaf

and what about the Spanish Moss, i hear you mutter
unbundling yesterday
i discovered that what appeared to be silk
on that Japanese apron, was in fact a very clever substitute
[should have realised from the smell]
but the cotton part of the apron has taken on a gentle soft green
which doesn't reproduce well in pix

never mind. Virginia, a kind visitor to the original post
has provided this link
to someone who makes blankets from Spanish Moss
[just like in a fairytale]
and here's Virginia's blog as well


  1. ticks? oh M G. The silks look sweet. can't wait to see more.

  2. That mystery leaf is quite a different colour. Everyone is going to be looking for that one now~!

  3. Tease! Can't what to go on a walk at Shakerag next week ticks or not!
    What gorgeous pieces.

  4. Splendiferous bundles. I have so much nearby my my house. i wonder how the moose nuggets would turn out? Makes me want to bundle up bluebells and wild roses too! Luckily no ticks this far north!
    xoxo Kim

  5. easy on the moose nuggets...they may well print as well as the koala beans do, but if they carry parasites like the rooPoos do you might be in trouble...
    handle with care!

  6. here I come,

    kicking and screaming,

    my house bulging
    with art supplies

    but with such fascination
    over the bundles. I'd never unwrap them..