Friday, 9 April 2010

saved again

just as i was pondering
how artists survived in the days before credit cards
[in general they didn't do well until they were dead]
and thinking how nice it would be
if institutions that issued invitations to teach overseas
would forward something to the bank balance
at the time one is buying one's ticket for long-distance travel

a small note arrived from my publisher
advising me that royalty payments had been added to the jam jar
[i'd forgotten that such things might be due]
which rather saved the day

so THANK YOU to all those kindly people
who have purchased a copy of Eco Colour
for that which i have received
i am TRULY grateful!

on another note
the pictures pasted together here
are all of one species of Eucalypt
Eucalyptus gillii
every part of this lovely tree
offers delight in the dyepot
as well as for the eyes
hope they delight you, too


  1. i'm glad the money fairies bailed you out. i wonder when one ceases to worry about income?

  2. So glad the coffers were filled a bit for you.
    How can it be that you live in such a glorious place? These pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Food for my eyes and mind.

  3. Velma, i try not to worry cos it usually works out
    just grateful that there's that piece of plastic fantastic
    to cover the holes in between.
    Christine, the glory was captured on that recent wandering to the North...about 790km from home
    but home's pretty good, too
    especially when [like this morning] it's actually raining!! yippee!

  4. and i am TRULY grateful for my copy of Eco Colour.

  5. So many things of value here, starting with remuneration for all your hard work, to the pleasure of those images of the delightful gum tree. Thanks.

  6. Always full of inspiration these read "Eucalyptus"?At present I'm working on corro, rusty bits and having fun.Very few artists ever get rich in their own lifetime except Pro Hart, Ken Done and a few others.Sometimes it's a matter of choosing integity or wealth and fame hey?

  7. wonderfully photographed - such a delight to see through your eyes!
    Very glad to hear the cheque came in at the perfect time to ensure another rather wonderful sounding opportunity.
    I lost myself in one of your books at a friends house last year...may you sell many, many more!

  8. I'm so glad you jam jar has been topped up - as I/we are so grateful for your lovely book.
    I never cease to wonder at the variety of eucalypts! They are a source of wonder.

  9. Was just checking my wish list at the local bookstore and noticed that Eco Colour will be published in the US in August. It's going to be a birthday present to myself! Deb G

  10. I bought a copy on Wednesday from the Giftshop at the Adelaide Botanical Garden. I'm looking at the garden rather differently now! The next thing will be to find time for some experimentation!
    The 'Replant' exhibition was showing at the Museum of Economic Botany, so we popped in to take another look at it (saw it in Alice Springs, (where I live) last year) It was great to see the exhibition again, but also a huge treat to see the museum itself. All those beautiful displays! I notice you posted about it yourself a while back, so it was a lovely bit of synchronicity!
    Thank you for your beautiful book... It would be fabulous to get you up here for a residency at our Senior High school one of these days!

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  12. I do love all the images of that beautiful tree and the resultant dyed cloth

  13. i love my eco colour .. every page a delight ..

  14. Such beautiful photos... I'm looking forward to discovering your blog!!!

  15. I MEANT, spending some time discovering past blog posts!

  16. your book has been an inspiration. two of my least have it as well. what i am so happy to know is that the royalties actually amount to something. it makes me even happier to have bought it!