Sunday, 11 April 2010

reflecting on possibilties

next year sees another big meeting
for plant dye enthusiasts
ISEND2011 will be taking place at La Rochelle
in France
in the last week of April

so i've been thinking about what i might be doing
around that time
and have decided on two things
one will be a five day workshop/retreat in the UK
[first week of May 2011]
the other will be a four day retreat in Belgium
[16-19 May]
revisiting the beautiful garden that i fell in love with last year
[yes, i know it's not the Netherlands
but it's much closer than Australia]

so those of you who have kindly enquired
when i might be teaching in Europe
have a year's notice to keep space in your diaries
in case you're still interested
details will be on my website in a month or so

time is short so i won't be able to stay much later
or travel much further
[except to catch up with friends and family
in Austria and Germany]
as i have commitments in the U.S.A.
in the following month
and need to go home for a fresh pair of socks
in between


  1. YES! I have seen that book at SRI Threads-- but it was sold out back then-will look again-- and you will love London and the UK-- I LOVE Edinburgh Scotland- and my other dream is to go to Bruges Belgium someday-- lucky you.

  2. Visiting again that beautiful garden in Lier and you, I gladly be the first to register.

  3. I'm reading your beautifull book eco-colour right now and fell in love with your art years ago.(remember a felt cape with leaves in an exhibition in Amersfoort and a felt dress with embroidery in Tilburg. And a circle of wool in the landscape in a Dutch magazine... Hope to be able to meet you in Belgium next year!

  4. i think Marijke has me confused with someone else [except for the book]
    so I'd better set the record straight... I have indeed shown huge ecoprint felt dresses in Europe [in the Filz show that toured 2000-2002] but not a leafed cape
    and i made an installation of raw wool [not a circle but a 'koru'] in a grassy place for a sculpture exhibition
    [reported in an Australian magazine]
    anyway thank you for the compliments

  5. I love your blog, I love the name of your blog (one of my favorite quotes of all time)...I will be back, again and again...

  6. Welcome for a stay in Belgium near Brussels.
    I will be going to the event in France to.

  7. Ooooh, in Belgium....., am I dreaming?........ I've noted the dates down!


  8. Thank you India for planning a trip to Belgium.
    I really would like to join the workshop in May 2011. Is it in Lier? (reading Martines add to this post) Where can I sign in for the workshop?

  9. thanks Aukje, Sandra and Monique

    details of the workshop will be posted on my website
    and a reminder here
    when arrangements are finalised

    look forward to meeting in lovely Lier [if not elsewhere]

  10. wow, that will be a great happening. I like to be there too!