Monday, 12 April 2010


a random vertical nine-patch
of happy-snaps
in and around my studio
nerines blooming, paint peeling
the studio angel
wondering when the next candle will be lit
a pile of sticks
and a small splodge of red dirt
collected in Andamooka years ago
we're in autumn now
means i can light real fires
and gaze out through that window
with the rusted bicycle chain
and the glimmer in the distance


  1. Nice. Feeling autumn in the pics as we're having spring now.

  2. it's almost impossible to wrap my brain around the reality that you are in fall and we are in spring. this blue dot is so amazing! i like walking around your world a bit.

  3. So nice to find other people with an appreciation for rusty stuff. Love your vision. That statue is lovely

  4. Love those circles of string.

  5. I love your studio place, and these pictures with their subdued colours with an accent in red/pink!

  6. the view beyond the bike chain seems very peaceful

    [whilst the chain itself appears to me as a rabbit outline...or is that a bunny !? ]

  7. peace abounds here...and the bunny has appeared entirely by chance
    unlike the rest of them in this country
    who were introduced by the British
    and then proceeded to multiply enthusiastically

  8. i liked paint peeling the best - some nice and interesting images here

  9. The lattice of twigs makes a beautiful photograph.