Friday, 12 March 2010

sea to shining sea [wandering in fields and forests]

my journey through Aotearoa began well
on stepping off the plane the first person who spoke to me offered
"Kiaora, is it a welcome home?"

certainly feels like it

i drove to the Coromandel
making a small detour to visit the McCahon cottage
at Titirangi
where i found that i have something in common
with the artist
beyond a fascination with this country
- we have the same washing line

the Coromandel retreat took place in a secret garden
which looked like jungle from the outside
but within was a quiet oasis
with an abundance of beautiful plants

curious chickens wandered in and out to inspect our samples

at the conclusion of our four days together
i wandered onward
and found myself in paradise
at Hot Water beach

arriving at Waitangi Farm, Waiuku i discovered more magic

the scenes above and below, part of my daily walk to work

this cowshed was our workshop space
one of the more romantic places i have taught in...

piggies visited us in the workshop at regular intervals
and enjoyed a tummy-tickle
but were discouraged from chewing on our boots
[i always recommend students wear stout shoes...but not everyone takes heed]

some participants' work samples from the local flora
- true bio-regional dyeing

and this is where i've washed up now
in Awhitu
pictures worth a thousand words

ain't life grand.


  1. Islands of the Long White Cloud.... beautiful scenes and sweeping views. I've been to the South Island is truly one of those places that make you stop....and just breathe.

  2. Life is grand in person. And not so bad vicariously! Wonderful work/holiday. -Jayne

  3. the names of all those places are so poetic, as well as the scenery is. hope to hear from you soon... toodeledooki Dorie

  4. *exhales delightedly....

    I love the piggies :-D

  5. incredible landscapes and friendly pigs. thanks for the peek.

  6. such wonderful travels, views both up close and distant spectacular vistas, and art work thrown in the mix-- yes you are very lucky.

  7. So you call that work?
    In dutch we call that heaven!

  8. absolutely. any day that you wake up breathing is good but these days were exceptional
    at the end of the Waitangi Farm week those of us "on staff" for Beautiful Silks [who ran the event] unanimously agreed that the workshop planned for their Melbourne base in February 2011 should be held in the company of the piggies instead
    any Europeans not keen on shovelling snow - email now to
    if you'd like a place

  9. Hi India

    Piggies in Melbourne - no problem! How about a workshop at the Abbotsford Convent with visits to the adjacent Collingwood Children's Farm - I'd come back to Melbourne for tha!!
    Seeing all those beautiful pieces of work makes me impatient for our turn again in Nelson (NZ) later this year.
    Jo xx

  10. What a wonderful time in this beautiful country - from the visit to McCahons cottage to the work you were producing the vies and ambience and the pigs...all wonderfully poetic journeying!