Friday, 26 February 2010

i like the way this guy reads

i'm off into the Wild on the land of the Long White Cloud
and shall be out of reach of the interpixies for a couple of weeks
shall leave you with Viggo Mortensen
who [among other things] is quite good at reading stories from books

i'll be back on the Ides of March [look behind you, Mr Caesar!]


  1. May your foot fall lightly on the earth, may the journey enrich your spirit and may you boomerang safely back home.

  2. oh, a blessing...I opened the comments to enquire whether you have any plans to visit Europe, the near East would do wonderfully, too,and I encounter a blessing. Have a safe journey and a lovely time

  3. I do too-- have not seen the movie yet but have read about it, seen the previews, etc.. but this is hauntingly beautiful

  4. Just catching up on your travels and you are certainly in demand. Thanks for the photos of the Boro exhibition, stunning works. And have a safe and pleasant journey my friend.


  5. he is quite good at reading from books, isn't he? ...