Thursday, 25 February 2010

leaf wandering in the fall...

i'm getting a few friendly enquiries about onward wandering after Shakerag and Toronto...i have to return to Oz [maybe i need magic red shoes] early in July
it occurred to me over a very nice cup of tea
and after a long conversation with the calendar
that if there were sufficient interest
to run two week long workshops
i could come back in the Fall.
specifically in the first two weeks of October
one workshop could be [thanks to a brave enquirer]
in south western Ontario
the other
in New York state

so here's the deal...if you think you might be interested in attending
please email me


tell me which location would suit you best
and then we can do the math and see if the numbers stack up...


  1. i love conversations with a calendar
    especially when the topic is possibilty

  2. I wish I was closer...the possibilities are infinite when artist gather in a generous spirit to share...Imagine and Live in Pece, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Hello India

    Do you ever get the chance to run workshops in the UK?

    ~ Julie

  4. i might be able to make the ny one. that would be cool.

  5. This is great news. Wandering and collecting in the woods in upstate NY this fall sounds fantastic. Thank you.

  6. Hi India,
    I discovered your work from Lotta's blog and she mentioned you will be in Toronto, I am definitely going to consider it. Your work is so lovely.


  7. Perhaps in the Netherlands ;)