Saturday, 20 March 2010


Ellie over at PetalPlum has put up some rather lovely photographs
of the week at Waitangi Farm
lots of other good things to see at her pages too...including her website


  1. gone there and my what a beautiful spot to have a workshop!
    All those treasures at her pictures!


  2. hi :)
    I'm so glad Ellie got to attend one of your workshop, she is so talented & sweet. How much I wish I could have come along with her, but France is a bit far from NZ ...
    thank you so much for writing your amazing book Eco Colour, it stands next to me as I'm typing, and it encouraged me to dye with eucalyptus globulus, which was growing in my parents' neighbours' garden.
    Sincerely with no flattering, you are an amazing woman, and the world needs way more people like you.
    Thanks again :)

  3. thanks Sonia, for your very kind words....would have replied more personally
    but couldn't find a way to do so

  4. oh, India, you are very welcome.
    my email address was on my main blog (not the dyeing one), and it is
    cozymemories AT orange DOT fr
    (if you see what I mean ... I hate spam)
    I hope you had a good weekend & are off to a nice week too !
    kind regards