Thursday, 18 March 2010

no prizes for guessing where the grass is greener

they do say it's always on the other side
and this time they're right
that's a dusty home paddock up there

as my students know i love unwrapping presents
this morning i found one that i had forgotten
a dress from the 40s or 50s [possibly a nightie]
that my lovely friend Marion had sent me
in a parcel of treasures

it turned out to be synthetic of some sort
and didn't appear to have taken much colour
after the first boil.
i left it in a corner of the studio
when i pootled off to NZ

a tad grainy [batfone image]
but some good colour
which deepened after rinsing and on exposure to air


  1. Really beautiful! And it being synthetic fabric....I didn't know synthetic fabric would dye so well.

  2. Lovely comparison images. Dreamy nightie. Welcome back!

  3. beautiful home paddock - I thoght it was an amazing Sally Stafford (hi!) painting at first! and oh for the occassion to wear such a dress - thanks, your post has brightened up a dull very windy day in NE England

  4. merci du compliment Lindsey,
    Sally is a friend of mine and yes her work is lovely

  5. Hello I really love your blog and reading about your process.

    I am going to be guest curator over at:

    in May and would like to link you as one of my online sources for inspiration...

    please let me know if this will be ok with you.

    my email is

    Thank you so much for sharing your creative sprit!


  6. This dress is amazing the colour is beautiful. What fabric do you think it was in the end. What a lovely surprise to come home to. One day I'm going to learn the discipline needed to not unwrap parcels as soon as possible. When I grow up maybe.

  7. not sure about the fabric think it's from the 40s, might be a kind of nylon? has that sort of feel to it. detest synthetics but the cut is lovely and i was totally chuffed to find it had taken colour

  8. oh your talking about me :)
    Love the dress...the colour looks so delicate and the start of spring here in the uk x

  9. I love the dress looks like something easily slipped into. The grainy photo actually tells a real story doesn't it. Miss you. L