Saturday, 20 March 2010


one of the wayfarers who wandered with me
on Waitangi Farm in Waiuku last week
has volunteered her own precious sanctum
for a workshop in Brisbane, Queensland

we've decided on September 18-22, 2010
and this is probably as close as I'll get
to teaching in NSW this year

here's the plan
we'll work with bio-regional dye sources and gentle stitching during a week-long explorative journey in a private garden in the tropics, taking windfall walks to collect leaves so as to print beautiful samples and then gradually piecing them together to construct an exquisite textile work

i'm extremely excited about this, not just for re-connecting with a friend but also for the possibility of exploring an entirely new flora
i haven't worked this way in a tropical garden before

please drop me a line if you'd like more details


  1. Because i can see images from all over the world it seems as if this world is getting smaller each day but not small enough to jump over and join.
    Wich i would love to do.

  2. It all sounds wonderfully mysterious. I wish that I had the "making" talent and inclination.

  3. sounds wonderful! if it wasn't taking place on the other side of the world i'd be there :)

  4. cannot wait to see the results of another of your myserious journeys ..

  5. my grandmother always used to say 'a little mystery goes a long way' [admittedly in a rather different context]
    and hopping to Queensland is much easier to slip in than hopping halfway around the whirled
    which made it possible to be a little 'spontaneous'...

  6. Sounds so wonderful ..... wish, wish, wish....

  7. This is going to be a great workshop! No, I'm not going to say that I wish it was.............

  8. Mmmm...
    I live in brisbane...with you coming to our fair city....
    might just have to seriously look into this...
    sounds lovely India!
    thanks for visiting my Homage weblog!

  9. I have finally figured out that part of the reason I enjoy reading your blog is that I am reminded so much of my mentor who taught me how to teach oh so many years ago. I feel as if I know you even though I'm far far away in the midwest USA. The new fabrics are is your update of your website. I was just taking a thorough look at all you added. The whole thing, cloth, new text, design is stunning. It is finally warm enough here for me to work outdoors again where I plan to experiment with some of your practices in Eco Colour. Exciting makings ahead I'm sure!

  10. will let mum and her fellow Brisbanites know. tropical wanderings should result in some fabulous cloth and tails. yum.

  11. thanks Pat, look forward to our paths crossing sometime
    and hugs to you Rachelle...