Saturday, 30 January 2010

fun with photoshop

yesterday i pootled southward to inspect a venue
near Strathalbyn
for a South Australian stitch and dye retreat
to be held early in September

it will be the first 5 day workshop i've held in my
[for now] home state
since 2005
quite a while

and then i pottered about the village for a bit
and in an antique shop i found an old printing plate
in German
which needed to come and live on my shelf

i could decipher the biggest word
and something about bells and ravens and trees and time

but the rest was trickier until
i took a happy snap
flipped it vertically to reverse the text
enhanced it in photoshop


Von Oddo Weichardt

Allerseelen ist’s, vom Tal her klingen Glocken

Ein regen schauer ueber graeber geht

Im alten Baum zwei Raben hocken

Nachdenklich ich zu diesen Zweien seh

Wenn Raben kraechzen gibt’s einen Toten

ImVolksmund es im allgemeinem heisst

Ich horch – sie schreien nicht

Ganz still sitzen sie da oben

Ich laechle – also nicht

Ich hab noch Zeit

and here's my [not exactly brilliant] translation


All Souls Eve, bells sound from the valley

Rain scatters over the graves

Two ravens roosting in the ancient tree

I ponder them

When ravens croak there’ll be a death

So goes the saying

I listen, they are quiet

They sit in silence

I smile – so not today

I still have time


  1. two ravens roosting in the ancient tree-an image worth keeping
    what a find, indeed.

  2. Nice type, As abstracted texture and as words. -J

  3. Ich hab noch Zeit... - what could be more important + comforting...

  4. The sound of the town is a little bit deutsch also....deutsche pioneers?


  5. Das w√ľnsche ich dir, noch viel Zeit.

  6. danke Dir, Martine
    ich halte die daumen...

  7. what a wonderful find-- of course it had to go home with you--

  8. aha, und Zeit ist deine beste Freund liebe India... schuss Dorie

  9. What a brilliant find! And your photoshopped version looks great too. I love photoshop, you can do the most amazing things with it.

  10. At you a fine blog!!! Remarkable photos!!!

  11. What a n intersting and beautiful find. Will you use the plate do you think? Yes, thumbs up for Photoshop, eh? I use it alot too.