Tuesday, 26 January 2010

die Verwandlung [or back through the looking glass]

i have departed the land of mountain rainbows
and swirling snowflakes
where at certain times of the year it is possible to walk on water
[irrespective of when your birthday is]
and returned to Oz
to shrug off my mantle of European-ness
and hide it in the loft like a selkie-skin
to daily life in my second language

Frankfurt airport dusted with icing sugar snow
felt like an exit from a faerietale


  1. frankfurt, languages, snow and travel .. my life for the past four weeks .. maybe our footprints crossed..

  2. I'm a man upon the land,
    I'm a selkie in the sea;
    and when I'm far frae every stand,
    my dwelling is in Suleskerry...

  3. welcome home. can hardly imagine the time and space warp you must be experiencing.

  4. The return to home away from home - so bitter sweet. Perhaps you'll bring a little bit of cool weather with you, or rather I hope it isn't too hot for you now you are home!!!

    Welcome back.

  5. Thanks for sharing your travels with those of us who are place-bound for now. The photographs have been simply beautiful.

  6. I've enjoyed your travels - hope that the homecoming is a happy one.

  7. Selkies...mmmmm, I love selkies. There are many lovely songs about them (including Joei's). I guess you've seen "The Secret of Roan Inish" then?!

  8. I've just been catching up on your latest adventure.. I always feel like I'm entering into some fairy story when I come here, full of secret spells and arthur rackham textures... *deep exhalation :-)

  9. Ever since your departure its getting colder over here. Seems this land is missing the warmth of the yeti. Don't forget to come over and have tea with me next time. I know how to make it now.

  10. thank you for taking us along on your trip to cold icy beauty