Monday, 1 February 2010

well i'll be Buttered on Both Sides [again]

dropped into my blog this morning and discovered that the number of friendly readers has suddenly hit the 250 mark.
this is a big thought.
tried to imagine how that might look in bite-size lumps
10 groups of 25
5 groups of 50
50 sewing circles of five people around a table
or a tree full of twinkle lights like the one i saw in Copenhagen recently

so of course i went looking for the photo
and found a few other nice ones
here they are

my stuff in the Mostings Hus [apologies, the 'o' there should have a line through it]
the middle piece, called 'petroglyph' has found a home in Denmark

in the image above you can see how Anette Blaesberg Orom [again, insert stroke through first 'o'] provides the gentle order to my chaos
our work is in dialogue
yin and yang
give balance to the Planeta Project
and as you wander through the four rooms of the exhibition
stories and readings
change with perspective
we think it works

here's what the exhibition space looks like from outside at night
we were SO lucky that our dates were changed from autumn to winter
during daylight hours the reflections from the snow cast an ethereal glow in the space
and at night
wandering into colour from the frozen whirled outside
was simply splendid, if i say so myself

wondering where this brilliant pink came from?
not from me.
twas brought in as a lovely 'show and tell' by someone who had putting their copy of
Eco Colour
to good use
contact prints from begonia leaves
with a bit of help from all that calcium dissolved in the locally reticulated water

thanks folks, for your kind support
for swinging by and leaving a calling card
and for reading what i write


  1. ooooh, thank you so much for that peek into the exhibit! You are right about the timing of the exhibit...perfect winter surrounds for the warmth inside...

    And I hope you don't mind, India, but I posted about you on my blog today (should I have asked first?). I was having some stream-of-consciousness going on...sure hope that's ok...

    Welcome home! How is your dear woofie?

  2. Oh, those are stunning...I want to slip into one and go sit by a creek somewhere in the sun....lovely exhibit!

  3. Thanks to you and the begonia-leaf-lady.
    From slowly melting snow i'm looking forward to begonia times.

  4. ...beautyfull "stuff" you've got.... Makes me wanna wear them and wonder of to float in the woods, between trees and raindrops...

  5. wonderful to see the spaces where your work can exist-- breath and float in the air- to come in from the cold darkness of snow to light, air and color

  6. A tree full of twinkle lights sounds just so beautiful - what a lovely lovely description of blog readers/friends.
    Can't wait to meet you, and work with you in March.

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  8. beautiful work...I love the earthy colors and the simple forms.

  9. I just love your work, it is amazing and beautiful.
    I have awarded your blog for the sunshine blog award and linked to your blog.
    Here is the link: