Saturday, 19 December 2009

crockett cottage studio

we had such a wonderful time at Mansfield earlier in the month
working with stitch and cloth and plant dyes at the beautiful Crockett Cottage Studio
that it was decided there should be not just one retreat held next year, but two
especially as
several brave souls from the first class
have already put their names on the list for next year

the studio is owned by Sally Harvey [who also took the photo above]
a woman of passion and vision
who has beautifully retro-fitted an old cottage
so that it features a lovely big well-lit studio
outdoor dye, print and felt area
with a sweet deck off the kitchen
where one can enjoy the end-of-day sundowner

pleasantly located on the fringe of Mansfield
overlooking the golf course
and with an abundance of interesting flora in the region
it's the perfect place for
gentle sewing circles
bio-regional dye investigations
and satisfying walks

i left Sally with a list of dye plants
to help inform choices as the gardens are landscaped over the coming year
so as the years pass we'll have even more lovely growing things to choose from
popped over to the studio website [in order to get the photo at top]
and found that several people had very nice things to say about their time there
you can read them here if you like

and here's the plan for 2010

November 1-5 Mapping Country
November 8-12 the FeltQuilt

workshops run 9.30am-4.30 with morning /afternoon teas and vegetarian lunch supplied
cost AUD$590 includes materials kit

the first workshop overlaps the High Country Festival so it's wise to book accommodation early for that one

please click here to send a message if you'd like more detail on the classes
and to see what other workshops are being offered at Crockett Cottage Studio you can access their website here

and last but not least i'd like to wish all the friendlies out there in Blogovnia a very Merry Puddingfest [apply that to whatever you celebrate during the holiday season] and all the very best for the coming year

...i'll be dreaming of a White Christmas


  1. Hi Indie

    Your cookies are so very beautiful. One can see the love you have put into them and I am sure they taste great.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,

  2. your cookies, india, are wonderful. such delicacy. sounds like crockett cottage takes good care of workshop participants and teachers. love the title "mapping country". happy holidays from the north country!

  3. thank you Velma and Egmont
    must confess i only took the photograph, the baker and decorator of those particular delicious morsels is in fact my youngest infant
    but i'll be doing my share of baking tomorrow
    best wishes

  4. this studio sounds fantastic.. would love to do a workshop with you next year .. thankyou for your inspirational words and images .. and your wonderful book .. have some fun over december ..

  5. Happy Puddingfest to you too iNdi@!
    Those cookies are making my mouth water and my eyes dance.

  6. happy festive season , and may it be spent in the company of good friends and family....

    beautiful work youngest infant !

    and the plan for 2010 lOOks grand ...

  7. ohh
    and I am HAVING a white Christmas
    after 50 hot and sweaty ones !!!!

    lucky me ..


  8. Don't say white Christmas--- after last Dec. with 15 inches that turned to ice-- for 2 weeks-- I am praying for just our usual wet windy rainy gray days..
    peaceful new year to you.