Thursday, 17 December 2009

climate change policy

just in case all those delegates in Copenhagen are trawling the net looking for answers in between their bickering
here's my "climate change policy".

STOP logging the forests NOW

take back the chainsaws and give the loggers spades and seeds so they can plant more trees - it'll be gentler on their backs and will mean that their grandchildren might have air to breathe.
[and in case you're wondering, half of that paddock above is now planted to trees]

trees convert CO2 to Oxygen, handy stuff if you want to stay alive
no trees = no rain
no rain = no food

now that we've sorted that, we can start tackling the problem of reducing polluting emissions.


  1. yep. that makes good sense to me!

  2. il faut une fleur pour faire le monde.... (original 'Le Poppy's')

  3. Yes yes yes! It so simple isn't it? Our leaders go on about 'raising our standard of living' as if it's some kind of competition, so they can smugly say "well, WE have the highest standard of living in the world" If the Australian Government wants to raise my standard of living, I don't need a bigger house, or more plastic junk, I don't need another bigger TV, I don't need a new car (unless it's one of those Clarities I saw on Top Gear the other night...only emission is water)...I don't need a mobile phone that has 90 000 completely pointless 'apps'. For my well being I need to know there are polar bears roaming the arctic, I need to know the Amazon still stands, I need to know the whales are still following their ancient migratory paths, I need to know people on the other side of the planet aren't starving, I need to know the water and air are clean. I need to know that the way I live is not having a negative impact on others. THAT'S what I need. Sorry, got a bit emotional and carried away there :)

  4. Hello allen
    here Belgium
    We will have to start by ourselfs. People are not ready to change their habits: eating meat, flying by airplanes, rebuilding their houses, less cartraveling.... when people are not ready, their politics are not ready, so we have to start first.
    Not always easy.

    Herba Lana

  5. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow ?

  6. how complicated can that be really.

  7. it's about our kids. if we think as stweards, using the kid filter (is it good for all kids?) we rethink everything. then we have to teach them. and they teach each other.
    hurrah for your baby trees.

  8. if we look at history we can see that the climate changes like a very slowly moving tide
    what bothers me is that the micro-particle pollution being pumped into the atmosphere by a society fixated with "growth" and "development" and "production" is changing rainfall patterns
    fun with statistics can as easily prove global cooling as global warming
    and the whole thing is pretty confusing
    we don't need new clothes every week
    or plastic wrappings and packings on everything
    and simple things like going back to milk in glass bottles
    would help
    somewhere i read that 75% of oil is turned into plastic
    what a waste!
    and even worse is the needless freighting of stuff back and forth in the name of export profits.
    and i'm a guilty participant. am typing this on a Macbookpro made by someone in an emissions-producing factory and i like drinking imported Bombay Sapphire gin.
    but at least i grow my own lettuce!
    and plant trees.

  9. Now if they would just listen...