Monday, 21 December 2009

let it shine

remember that scene in the film 'Love Actually' in which Hugh Grant's character is door-knocking in search of his beloved
and some small precocious children demand that he sings Christmas carols? remember the look on his face as his minder joins in with a deep and lovely rich fruitcake voice?

i had such a moment today, attending the funeral of an old family friend. the congregation rose for the singing of the 23rd psalm and suddenly the most wonderful tones emanated from the gentleman next to me, a deep and glorious tenor with the velvety texture of dark chocolate that has been gently warmed by an open fire.
and it was generously loud.
so i joyfully sang harmonies, reflected on the great pleasure that singing with others can give and thanked our departed friend for having this other friend
who brought such delight on an otherwise sad day


  1. when you describe it like you did, i know exactly what you mean, and it brings a smile. i've experienced that too. it is such a pleasure to sing along with a beautiful voice beside (or behind) you.

  2. Its obvious that sorrow and joy can be so close.

  3. Your words themselves are woven with magic and one can just imagine the sounds rich tones you describe.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Your words brought back such a profound memory of standing next to my husband's father the first time I heard his beautiful voice. Although this man (now passed) was someone I was never able to be close to, I will always remember how those moments felt. That's when I was closest to him...and he never knew it.

    Lovely post and I'm so happy you had that time next to that voice...

  5. It's wonderful to have such moments, India. It reminds us that it's good to be alive, and that there is beauty in the most unexpected places.

  6. There is something pure magic about singing, especially singing with others, a moment when you all hit a particular note (or combination of notes) and the sound just soars and so does your spirit. A rare pleasure these days, we seem to have forgotten how to sing in our modern world.

  7. nice! my voice always sounds best when drowned by other's betters. fine descriptions.

  8. A lovely season's greetings to you, India. I'm hoping you'll have a sunny (but not too hot) summer and a lovely start to 2010.

  9. I can't sing religious songs at all - i either pitch too high or too low and end up having to mime to avoid making anyone around me laugh

    Still - merry xmas xx