Saturday, 12 December 2009

the bird in the tree

somehow i can't bring myself to flatten the surface
that's the front above
behind, below

and if you look closely
you can see the silk has birds woven into it
it makes me think of a book i read as a child
'the bird in the tree' by Elizabeth Goudge

and also of the Phoenix
magically reborn in the fire

the recent time in Victoria brought forth many fire stories
at Healesville there wasn't one of us
who had not been affected by fire in someway
whether recently
or back in '80 and '83
ash-dusted sisters
relishing the fresh greens of the whirled


  1. since yesterday
    reading about that big stone and leaves and string
    i have wondered how to do all this
    seems alchemy to me of i kind i dont get
    i thing maybe you have a book?
    and maybe magic chemicals on that island
    i am writing from another island with different chemicals on the very west coast of canada

  2. You've printed a paradise for that little bird.
    Too beautiful to iron.
    What became of the hempdress?

  3. the creation
    a combination of will and nature
    of time and colour
    presented to us through pixels and light
    beautiful in its simplicity
    simply beautiful

  4. those bundles are so magical, methinks I like the stone but it maybe too heavy to lug around ones neck. scrunched up silk with marks is exciting. u are a clever little duck india. xxx

  5. i love the woven jacquard element in this one.

  6.'s difficult to photograph the hemp dress because i seem to be wearing it most of the time

  7. india, this one is so layered. i like the wrinkles, too. i wonder how much more colorwork would be visible if ironed.

  8. So very textural, enjoy it as long as you can this way before breaking into ironing! -J

  9. Wow, so happy to have found your blog and will be following! What a neat collection of photos and stories.

  10. and how fine is that corrugated iron backdrop..

  11. Gorgeous... look what experience and care creates... it flows out of you like a river...

  12. I am amazed that you can wrap cloth around a rock and plants and come out with such beautiful textured layers-- and love Dorothy Caldwell's in good repair show at the Textile museum of Canada

  13. The maple leaves are so pretty and I love the fresh green. Gorgeous shift dress India!

  14. fascinating how the dress start's to tell her own story after you have opened the bundle, Xd