Sunday, 13 December 2009

now that i've caught your attention...

when i went to Ohio earlier in the year to be an anonymous student and refresh that lovely feeling of being an innocent abroad
i met lots of lovely folks in my class
some of them kindly send me notes from time to time

Christine Mauersberger [whose exquisite textile work fills me with awe] has just acquired a plot in the virtual country of Blogovnia
the place where we all meet and play from time to time

though barely begun
it's full of fascinating links
and well worth keeping an eye on
click here
to swing on by


  1. Thank you India. I am equally awestruck with you and your artwork. I am honored that you've linked to my blog. Stay tuned, I've got good things to post.

  2. I'm poping over, thanks for the heads-up. -J