Thursday, 10 December 2009

more high country stories

on my 'day off' i drove up to Jamieson
i collected maple leaves
and borrowed a beautiful stone
from the river

when i returned to my digs
i sewed [by hand]
a shift dress
from some lovely silk that my friend Marion had sent me
tucker in that wonderful copper pot

i wrapped the shift around the stone
with the leaves
and with some other things i had gathered
along the way

those cherry coloured marks are from Hypericum perforatum
[St John's Wort]


  1. what a great looking bundle - outside and in! I also really like the pocket on your dress...

  2. You are amazing... The Goose that laid the Golden Fabric!!! oh Yeah!

  3. EXQUISITE!! I am so inspired seeing what is possible by dyeing (safely) with plants...

  4. Such a simple inspired task with such amazing results! -Jayne

  5. i can't get enough of this.

  6. beautiful. now can we see the shift?

  7. Stunning, just beatiful. I love it...St Johns Wort and Maple leaves and a river stone, how wonderful...


  8. i just wanna hold this bundled dye surprise, too.

  9. Oh wow, you're doing your magic again!

  10. thank you for those nice thoughts
    the shift is hanging here while i decide whether i want to stitch a bit on the surface...or not.
    also tossing up whether to press it so the colours are more easily seen amidst the embossed terrain of the surface
    or just leave it with all its wrinkles, leaf impressions and twig marks intact. decisions, ach!
    and in case you're wondering, the stone is being returned to the river by a local resident
    who has promised to send a photograph of it
    when it is back amongst its brethren...

  11. Extraordinary! Do show us the results once stitched ... or not stitched.

  12. did you love jamieson? its always been a favourite spot of mine... always loved camping there!

  13. Jamieson is wonderful. was in awe of the multitude and variety of maples and of how the place felt, a kind of blanket of peace enveloped me when i cut the engine

  14. You have painted a wonderful landscape with the Japanese maple leaves and St.John's wart.
    Down by the river chortling over stones and overhung by fog and bushes, or on a frosty morning is one of my all time favourite spots too.