Sunday, 18 October 2009

straying from the usual path

remember that scene in 'Harry met Sally'...the "i'll have what she's having scene"?
few people will even admit to seeing the film

tonight's dinner was so good
that i was reminded of Sally
and so
just for once
i thought i'd share it

virtually if not actually

take a bunch of fresh spinach
wash and chop
then add
one finely chopped habanero chili
two finely chopped cloves of garlic
a pound of feta cheese [that's half a kilo for metrics]
a couple of eggs [we got ours from HennyPenny out in the fowlyard]

squish it all together with your hand
until it becomes a lovely greenish mess
the picture up above

melt a bit of salted butter
NOT margarine [only fit for greasing wheels]
and a splash of olive oil
add some zatar
and a good grinding of pepper

nip out to the garden for a biggish sprig
of rosemary
this will be your pastry brush for the evening

unfold a packet of fillo pastry

using the rosemary twig pastry brush
spread a little of the butterOlive oil mix on the first sheet
fold a good blob of the green stuff in
and wrap up up
in triangular fashion
[shibori-zome practitioners will be good at this]

work diligently through the pile of pastry

once the packets [spanakopitas, more or less]
have all been neatly folded
fling the pastry brush on top

bake in a warmish oven until golden
and seductively aromatic

and tuck in
bon appetit

for the record, we washed ours down with
a cleanskin sparkling shiraz
from the wine shop
near the old Mount Lofty Railway station
Big Girl's Ribena
[sorry, statesiders, that one is too hard to explain]

mmm i'll have what she's having....


  1. Beautiful food - part of a beautiful life. I enjoyed your post, but must say that scene has never once made me think of food!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a delicious post! Hah! I like that movie but my favorite part was when Harry meant to spit out of the car window not realizing the window was up. India, I gave you an award!

  3. filo folded shibori rosemary ribena goodness goodness...yum. yUm. yEs. mElt.

  4. i'm suddenly very hungry - yum!

  5. All the ingredients we love at our house, and after that ending...we're making this recipe soon...very soon...

  6. oh yes....oh yes.....i'm having what you had. great recipe and i intend to follow your lead....wonder where it will get me?

  7. I'm enjoying your blog but it's going to take a while to follow all the links, especially with breaks for cooking! Another great use of the spinach-feta-garlic-chili combination is simply on pasta, a favourite at our house.

  8. Had to copy and paste that one for later use sounds scrummy.

  9. and so very simple to construct....Bon Appetit!