Friday, 16 October 2009

the times they are a changing

i rarely feel the urge to run with the pack
this year BlogActionDay has climate change as the theme.

there's are several issues i feel are getting insufficient attention.

rainfall in Australia has been shifting in pattern
the mountainous regions are getting less rainfall
other areas are being burdened by excessive falls

over-zealous development plans are chewing up the last remaining
agricultural areas in South Australia

and outrageous irrigation practices will undoubtedly
destroy the world-famous Barossa wine region within 20 years.

if carbon were really the culprit in terms of climate change, we'd be leaving coal in the ground
and STOPPING the decimation of old growth forests NOW.

not chopping down trees would have to be the simplest way of ensuring that the carbon they contain remains stored in a stable fashion.

next time you buy toilet paper, read the fine print on the packet. harvested from forests?
avoid it.
use the recycled stuff
and then
go plant trees
the world needs them.


  1. I am surrounded by trees here. Still, I have 3 new ones with pretty leaves waiting to go in the ground. We seem to plant a tree or 3 every year. We use the wind fall trees for firewood. What fascinates me is solar power. Living in the mists here, we don't have solar but if I lived in a sunny place I would try it.

  2. I love trees too. They are amazing. We live among the oldest trees in the world...that have lived through so much history it is hard to imagine.
    My husband did a edit of a video that was shot here in Humboldt County by our local tv station. This video is about a tree sitter named Julia Butterfly who is sitting in the redwood tree Luna.

  3. You will be happy to know that I have actually placed about three dozen acorns in seeding pots in the green house. I am feeling so guilty about the recent decimation of trees (albeit, sick ones) by the local Parks Department that I decided to grow my own and then transplant them when they are ready. Of course, I will need to develop strategies to ward off the legions of deer!

  4. I use far too much toilet paper!!
    4 rolls aweek - plus what I go through at work
    Golly !! ( am I allowed to say that :) )
    Anyways ... am sure it will all end up in the ocean somewhere
    pat it - don't wrap it
    someoody once said to me on an island in the Barrier Reef
    many years ago
    lessons learned
    and not forgotten
    when will we learn

  5. Yesterday was probably the climate day. I felt like I had to push the whole world in an other direction. It is a difficult job. In workshops I see that people are not aware off wath is comming. They want to keep there way of living like it is in the easy way, without thinking about what it brings. Keep on doing your work.
    Monique, Herba Lana

  6. Trees, my favorite subject. A few days ago I posted about a book, one that I felt not only mirrored a life, but also could change a life. It is the story about a man who planted trees.

    Earlier this spring I gathered aver three dozen seeds from our Japanese Maple and planted them in our converted troth. I already gave away three or five and lost maybe two, but the rest are growing nicely among the Chinese elm and California Buckeye that I all started from seeds this year.

    The California Buckeye Chestnut's of which some have grown as tall as a 2 liter soda bottle will be transplanted next month into single containers so that by the time next year, they can go into the ground.

    Earlier this summer I planted three heirloom apple trees and I look forward to watching them grow up.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

    PS: I should have done this sooner, but once posted, I am going to add you to myself as a follower, it is long over due -e

  7. Point well taken.
    ps-- I rarely do 'tribal' anymore, it doesn't feel right.

  8. it's comforting to have friendly visits from kindred spirits. most of my garden has grown from cuttings or seeds or root fragments. the acorn has sprouted to about 15 feet.
    sadly in Australia we are afflicted by 'eco-nazis' who think that all non-indigenous trees should be removed, even if they are 100 years old and can tell stories from history
    meanwhile the news has reports of scientists inventing 'artificial trees'. give me the real ones any day