Tuesday, 20 October 2009

gugger petter

Female Head/Madonna No. 14, by Gugger Petter,
a work made from newspaper.

while researching 're-use and recycling' for the manuscript that is occupying my waking moments i found an artist

who has been working with newspapers as her material for over twenty years.
interestingly she doesn't regard what she does as recycling

"Holding a profound respect for this material, I have never regarded it as "recycled" or "trash." Even the yellowing aspect of newsprint has been an important factor in my work, and I often encourage this process of yellowing before my work leaves my studio."

visit her homepage to read more of her own words...


  1. What a wonderful find, I am so glad you are sharing this gem.

  2. This is fantastic. If only I could do the same with my newspapers. Off I'm going to her website to learn more. Thanks!

  3. I love her work! I stumbled upon the legs and dog on leash series some time back but the portraits are new. This one is stunning isn't it?

  4. What a great texture she achieves with it too. Very cool

  5. Oh, I love this very much. It inspires me to gather all my junk and turn them to something pleasing or pleasant.

  6. She certainly takes her art to a higher form of interpretation.
    I love working with paper and only recently started using newspaper or even tissue paper in my paintings.

    Thank you for sharing your discovery with us

  7. thank for sharing
    also a quick greet from the land where fall gives us many treasures!


  8. ooooh makes me think of my awesome weaver friend who did a series of works using the moari kite weave, to make sculpturs out of newspaper and then covered em in tree blood. Let me find the link.....ok....
    here it is:
    awesome work, she rocks too!

  9. thanks for that link to Fiona...i hadn't seen her work for a while
    met her briefly 6, 7, 8? years ago. good stuff.

  10. I guess this comment didn't go through a few days ago.... I never stop being amazed at the work that is created.... -J