Sunday, 25 October 2009


had a brief diversion this week
and wandered off to Melbourne
for a couple of days
to deliver cake
and help with a family event

which meant i could have a quick
trawl around town on the trams
yesterday morning

at Kazari Warehouse i found lovely Japanese apron
white with a few stains
silk patches stitched onto cotton
a delight

and at Federation Square
no photos allowed

the top of the cake bore resemblance
to some of the other things i do


  1. Is is not nice to get away and see new surrounding, so that upon returning home, we see our own private universe with a new sense of perspective.

    I love the shop window photograph, looking beyond the glass, as well as the glasses reflection.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. I was directed to your blog by grrl+dog, pulled in by the title and stayed because of textures, photos, locales and the most recent recipe. One-time cake decorator, full-time wanderer, at least in my mind, your choices resonate for me. Consider this an interpretation of rainbows and rose petals. Glad to have found you,

  3. You Found Me! Thank You.
    Your World & Life Look Good.
    I have added you to my blogrolly thing & ,no doubt, we shall speak again.
    Bestest Wishes

  4. Hello India,
    I was looking into you web page and contemplating your work. Are the garments hanging on hangers 3D, or simply beautiful 2D works of illusion? I do wish I could see your work for reals. -Jayne

    Thank you so very much for the warm comments you always leave....

  5. Lovely images. The last one is so rich and very beautiful.

  6. the cake is fantastic.Your work (fourth picture) is yummy for the colours and soft images but to have been able to translate that into a cake would make it double yummy.

  7. Wow the cake looks a treat India, and that last photo is fantastic. Am going to try and get to Melbourne to see that exhibition also..


  8. The fabric shop could only be the Job Warehouse? but no I think it looks too tidy.

    India is it still open? it looks like for lease signs in the window. Debbie.

  9. well spotted, Debbie..and yes, still open, although that side room seems to be getting a deeper layer of textile mulch in it over the years
    i went there looking for good old fashioned cotton on reels
    and found them
    not cheap, but worth it.