Monday, 26 October 2009

oi gewalt!

a most mysterious pudding-shaped parcel
arrived in the mail today

the exterior wrapping was comprised of a feed bag
and inside the whole thing was wrapped up again
in plastic cling film
which, when peeled away
revealed a copper cauldron
full of magic

wrapped around the cauldron to keep it warm
was an enormous skein of the softest
5ply merino knitting yarn

and in the brown paper bag on top
were lots of small silken fragments

deeper down a small bundle contained
fragrant lavender
and a few rose petals

yes some of the pictures ARE a bit blurry
your hands would be shaking too if you'd
been surprised like this

unwrapping this wonderful collection
of delightful surprises
i remembered
as a wee girl
finding treasures in that ball of wool

once again,
India thanks the Bird
[and the Elephant]
for their blessings


  1. Oh, what a glorious surprise to receive. I can only imagine what will become of this thread of friendship you have received. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. While it is still Sunday here for a few more hours, you already have entered into Monday with the post delivering indeed a most welcome surprise 'a cauldron of beautiful gifts.'

    I agree, my hands would be shaking with excitement too!

    What a way to start off the week.


    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  3. you deserve it...wanderer of mysterieus ways...explorer of natures your knowledge so kindly...getting gifts with such thankfullness.
    Thanks for your words!
    redyellow oakleafs kisses
    from a colourful autumn country

  4. beautiful package of gifts. you are very special to someone......

  5. purring happily and truly blessed
    now to plot
    a suitable brew
    appropriate to such a cauldron

  6. It is so very exciting to not know where the bottom is! -Jayne

  7. Now that parcel would give me the shakes too. A copper cauldron smelling of lavender and roses! The poster for your workshop looks so mysterious. Darn... I wish I could hop over.

  8. little bits of happiness wrapped up and sent in the mail. perfect.

  9. Your very own cauldron to brew in..

    how delightful..

  10. Lucky, lucky girl. But you deserve it.
    Love te

  11. holy cow in the morning! aren't you the apple of someone's eye! congrats.

  12. what a lovely present!!! Marion's a doll