Monday, 24 August 2009

the icing on the cupcake

it's been a dark weekend. on Sunday morning i spotted a local government employee sneaking about in Mount Pleasant spraying poison on any leaf that had the temerity to grow on public land.
land that is also part of the riparian zone of the River Torrens, the sad little stream used as an aqueduct to transport water pumped from the Murray into the Kangaroo Creek Dam that provides some of the water consumed by residents of Adelaide.

are they forgetting that the stuff will be washed off the sidewalk and into the cocktail?
and they wonder why cancer is on the rise.

the oceans to the north-west are being ruined by an uncontrollable oilwell spewing its contents from the sea bed - to which the Australian Government is responding by spraying 'chemicals' [probably detergent] from the air. meanwhile we've just signed a contract that will give the last of the natural gas to China [while Australia continues to burn brown coal]

this morning's mailbox has brought further fascinating tidbits. apparently some enterprising Japanese scientists have been extracting protein from poo. it's then mixed with a little soy and some beef flavouring and can be slapped into a bun as fast as you can say "i'm Hungry, Jack".

visit the fascinating folk at 'wurst & fleisch' to read the full and gruesome details

i'm surprised that this is something new...from the aromas that waft from Mc Donalds [an establishment i've always referred to as the Golden Buttocks] you'd think they'd been on to this idea for years.

thank you, waiter, i'll take the steamed spinach, please.


  1. Yuck! Glad I eat vegan almost always! Again - Yuck!

  2. The world seems so crazy and out of control to me at times. Manya at mythcolour has also had a tragic week end.

    If we must find creative ways of using all of our natural resources maybe this use for poo will appeal to you more.

    Have a lucky week :)

  3. Well now you certainly started my Monday off right, India! The last story makes you either want to vomit or laugh out loud. I think I just want to scream and tear my hair out.

  4. I guess there is stupid people spraying stuff all over the world--- the unthinking pollution people I call them.. and being half Japanese and one who follows japanese cultural stuff--- they can be pretty whacky--- I am never surprised when I hear about another screwball trend they are starting.

  5. i love that you have tagged this post with 'idocy' ... for one such as i who lives with environmental illness and travels with my home on wheels with a nice ladybug sign reading "Pesticide-free zone" it's the icing all right ... whose cake is it, Honua?
    auwe! Mokihana

  6. actually i'm just hoping it was a splendid April prank...but given the crap that is already in food these days nothing is really surprising anymore
    the "coffee whitener" [what's wrong with milk, then?] supplied in a helltell in Ohio actually contained titanium dioxide.

    why do they want me to drink titanium? will it give me extra muscles? i think not.

  7. just insanity. makes rain water tanks and homegrown food all the more appealing india. stupid stupid humans. sometimes i just wanna slap someone!!!! grrrr. here's hoping the rest of the week brings better news.

  8. bleh, just saw the photo again, didn't seem to catch it first time around, again i yell 'STUPID!!' ok, that's enough yelling. by the way, i think we figured out where the buttons come from that we find in handfuls. water treatment not far away from my dear beach which can smell iffy sometimes, i'm thinking grey water. people's washing machine water. oh well, at least they get a wash in the salt-ish water first and after a rinse at home, end up on my little projects and given a new lease of life. o india, what can we do? it can all seem overwhelming sometimes.

  9. interesting theory about the buttons..there's a beach in Tasmania that's a fantastic place to find old china fragments. apparently they wash ashore from the area where the boat used to go and tip out the contents of the night-cart collections. strange as it may seem, broken china was disposed of in the outhouses....and so it now washes up on the beach

  10. what!?... what??.. what... and again.. what!???
    the behaviour of humans never fails to stupify me!

  11. yeah, i preferred the idea of button fairies myself. that's the problem when one thinks too much. she ends up seeing something she doesn't realy want to know.

  12. i want to go to a beach with fantastic china fragments on it, that would be cool. something else to collect, lol, because i need another collection. (imagining richard's eyes rolling).

  13. i love the button fairies. here in the woods we have pine fairies who dress in furry cape and cap that make them look like squirrels to all the rest of the whirl. perhaps they are akin to the button fairies. okay ... let's pretend that in place of the poo burger.

  14. yes. it's time to leave the poo behind and look for rainbows and buttons instead