Friday, 21 August 2009


looking for a place to stay in Perth? don't put the All Seasons Hotel at the top of your list.
my booking through resulted in a windowless dogbox room that i wouldn't have offered my worst enemy.

reception disclaimed responsibility and said it was all the fault of wotif.
not impressed. All Seasons should bear in mind that 'word of mouth' is not only the best but also sometimes the worst, form of publicity. [think of Charles Dickens]

so for an extra $30 per night i moved to a room upstairs to where i could at least stand on a ledge near a window and gaze at the rising moon before dawn

in the upstairs room there was another bonus

some enterprising previous guest had shower-capped the smoke alarm.
highly illegal but rather helpful to one who likes boiling up the travelling dye cauldron

on the bright side, if you're looking for good coffee in Perth, head for Milk & Honey 82 James Street Northbridge
lovely smiles
good service
lovely blooming moth-orchids
and theatrical strength hot coffee on request

for more substantial nourishment head to Mela Indian Sweets & Eats, corner of William and Robinson, also in Northbridge. best masala dosa i've ever eaten [and that includes the real McCoy on the sub-continent]

and for the curious, here's what the surreptitious dyepot rendered...


  1. you crack me up...woe to the all seasons....shower capped fire alarm, what a gift. awesomely. should wtf not wotif.

  2. your work has such depth and texture - those pieces look as if they "grew" from the cauldron, as it happily boiled away, glimpsing the moon clad sky and savoring your dosa drowsy body leaning in

  3. Thanks for the tips India, that hotel looks really good on the website, its good to know first hand. At least there was a bonus side to the adapted fire alarms! Love the dye results.

  4. How did you fit all those pieces in that tiny cauldron?

  5. No matter the stand of the moon, there's always magic in that dyepot.

  6. Jenny if you need a place to stay try the River View near King's Park...Mount Street, I think...
    i didn't go there this time cos i needed to be close to where i was working
    Pam, tis the miracle of digital photography...details of one long skinny piece that had literally been jammed into the cauldron

    and yes Martine, tis a very special dyepot never fails.
    looking forward to a big catchup, Imbidear
    and yes LadyP
    the work takes on a life of its own...

  7. coffee helps you through the day and for me my day is ok

  8. I love what the dyepot rendered. And I could tell you where NOT TO STAY in London.