Wednesday, 26 August 2009


in the previous post i grumbled about the local propensity for clearing life from the verge. in the picture above [shot in Yamaguchi in 2006] grass has been allowed to soften the edges of the built environment. it doesn't seem to be doing any harm.

in New York a now disused elevated freight train track that was built in the early half of the twentieth century is being sown with greenery

the map looks pretty impressive
as do the pictures

the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia also have an ideal strip of land from which to form a public wandering corridor... the railway reserve remnant from 1963 when the far-sighted authorities tore up the tracks from Adelaide to Mount Pleasant [just think how useful that utility would be now!]

dedicating this as a bicycle track would be a splendid way of keeping those lurid lycra-clad wheeled insects out of the paths of trucks
and of my car

i too own and ride a bicycle but don't feel the need to dress up as a Christmas Beetle

nor do i ride in the company of others, several abreast holding up traffic on narrow roads.
given the unforgiving nature of heavy metal at speed, creating a separate bicycle way would be a sensible idea

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  1. I dont know how a Christmas Beetle looks but the day they force me to wear a helmet i stop biking.