Sunday, 28 June 2009

overheard at breakfast

"must be the German in me"

"you German, honey?"

"Russian, German, same difference"

"oh, no...there's a wall"

"not no more they ain't no wall"

"Russian women, they SCARE me....they so ANGRY"


  1. Ahh, there's nothing like an understanding world vision....and so erudite!

  2. o.O ?
    (funny thing, an ex of mine was born in Odessa, and many times he and his pa would speak (in their deep voices) it did sound like they were arguing instead of saying "hi pop, how was your day?")

    oh, and a shower of white petals for ya :)

  3. If someone followed me around and her snippets of my utterings - well, lets just say, I would be in trouble...

  4. still wondering why I do not eat breakfast?

  5. oh my! where were you taking your breakfast?

  6. i was breaking my fast at the helltell where the quilt symposium [that i have been participating in] was taking place

    this morning's meal was enlivened by a rant about another sector of the community - i'll spare you the details [too gruesome]

    it's certainly been a highly educational experience on many levels

    the work in textiles
    the walks in the woods
    the space to think
    and the sewing circle conversations of our class
    were the highlights