Tuesday, 30 June 2009


it's been an interesting experience
and a good week for reflecting and taking stock

a little as i imagine living in a [noisy] nunnery might be
no news of the outside whirled
even on the magic box there's no mention
of anything at all
other than the passing of one
who last week was still the object of mild amusement
but who this week is being hailed as a saint
a curious whirled indeed

but seeing as i woke up singing, i'll stick with the musical theme...

my bags are packed, i'm ready to go

and here's a selection of what i'll be humming as i do


going home

bye bye, blackbird


  1. Fabulous concert! Bon voyage...we send light in your direction.

  2. Have to say that halleluljah is my all time favourite song. Last week I was visiting my own father when my father in law passed away. I could not be there for the funeral, but at the time it was on, that song came on the radio....

  3. home sweet home.... have a safe flight back, xDorie

  4. Halleluja. To once more experience Dire Straights
    when new was a treat. Cruisy music to guide you safely home, may you landing be gentle in eavery way.

  5. Can you close your suitcase?
    imagine yourself as a seagul flying home...

  6. I think I could spend some considerable time fondling the cloth in that there baggy. What a wonderful memento to take home from somewhere.

  7. Going home is one of the best things...especially if the adventure has been good.

  8. tautoko Pam, i wanna touch that cloth and rifle through your belongings, lol, i have a sicknes. is there such a thing as addiction to cloth dear Gondwana girl?

  9. it seems San Francisco airport security wanted to do a bit of cloth fondling as well...my elephant suitcase [some of you are familiar with it] arrived in Sydney sticky-taped to the eyeballs because they'd had a good rummage

    i expect the travelling dye cauldron probably caused a bit of concern when it showed up on the Xray machine he he

  10. I can actually play a small section of "Going Home" on the guitar - but very badly!

    I'd forgotten about the Dire Straits meets Hank Marvin moment - i believe he and Knopfler go way back.

    Safe journey