Saturday, 27 June 2009

a columbus day

if you're in Columbus Ohio make a beeline for the Wex where you'll find an extraordinarily good bookshop, some interesting exhibitions


a building designed to make the most of the lovely light here
it has delicious details
narrow stairs that slip between tall walls and make one feel as if one is taking a secret passage. they'd have been outlawed by the nanny-state building code in South Australia, no hand rails for a start. shock. horror.

later if you're lucky you might spot some dainty pieces of machinery

for nicely plated, fresh and delicious food [presented with outstanding service] head to the Lemongrass in the Short North. 

there was even a baby grand armed with an above-average piano player. 

i leaned back from conversation to let my ears make the most of his improvisation on Gershwin's 'Summertime'

and mused on other things


  1. wonderful sights....but I hope that this does not mean that you are waging school... xt

  2. not wagging just creatively wandering in the lovely long evenings that the northern summer is giving us...

  3. lots of inspiration in your evening wanderings

  4. Love the white peacock.
    And thanks for the book suggestion!! I'll check it out.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Yesterday I too took crazy twilight photos, not Ohio thought, just Ararat.
    Got safely home to-night. T.M. did a splendid job, don't know how she managed to hold it all together though. Andrejs, Rick's and Karl's eulogis were very moving, mine I kept rathr light, not wanting to treat on the other's toes.
    Hope you are still enjoying your away time and I love the squirred and the bautiful deep purple.

  6. it is nice to know with all your love for the natural world that there is a continued inetrest for the sleekness of great car designs

  7. there's no little irony in the fact that high octane petrol pumps through the arteries of the wandering tree spirit

  8. What a journey you are on.. I like the branch/nest type chandelier.

  9. Nice series of photos, I like the big fat squirrel and the snow white peacock, and all the lights in trees and round windows, everywhere.