Friday, 20 November 2015

words words words

i love words
i keep a bowlful in the studio at home
to dip into
and to play with
when far from home i choose words with my eyes shut from whatever publication is to hand
and i learned (from poet Naomi Shihab Nye in a "new works" session at Haystack) that one of many delightful ways to begin a piece of writing is to harvest a collection of phrases from books randomly selected from an available shelf and then begin to dance with the words

in recent years i have begun classes by asking participants to write down their favourite word of the moment (never fear, it won't be set in concrete and i don't ask people to read it aloud or write it on their foreheads in lipstick...and it's likely to be something quite different in five minutes)

then the words are put into a vessel
(boat, bowl, bag)
along with a few others

and then we each take a lucky dip and begin to write 

the word that repeats itself time after time for me is


what's your favourite word today?


  1. 'luscious' is always one of my favourite words. Also 'meniscus'.

    Love just rolling around in words :)

  2. confusion- which is not necessarily bad, simply big!

  3. mindful.. I am trying to be more mindful and in the moment... harder than one would think... I too love words and your workshop idea sounds wonderful.