Sunday, 19 October 2014

the solace of north

i've been wandering

taking some visitors to country
that is quite unlike the place where they live

it's a long way there

but worth the trek

my role was driver and camp cook
and keeper of the flame
feeding the wood stove in the kitchen 
and the donk that heats the water for the showers
[the visitors very kindly took on the washing up]

but in between i still found time for writing

and for drawing on and with country

on the seventh day
i left the visitors in Port Augusta
to make their way to other things
and went north again
this time a little west
past a lake of crystal salt

for a few days quiet work at the Observatory
where i found
six contributions for the Solace project
already awaiting me
all the way from the UK and the USA
as well as closer to home


  1. No doubt your visitors were thrilled to be immersed in this foreign landscape with you as their guide.

    1. Not sure which made them happier, Christine, the ochre or the caramelised banana dessert but I have a feeling they'll remember both :-)

    2. If only I could have been a fly in the car carrying that trio of powerful woman...well, would have rather been myself than a fly :)

  2. ochre and caramelized dessert? beautiful marks and your cooking? what could be better? what a lovely post which has left me dreaming...

  3. what a country - your expression of it makes it come closer for me

  4. what a travel in the red land , i suppose the red mush are made with water? my work to solace are doing progress, we are going to darker month and it is more easy to do things inside

    1. yes Bodil, the red mush is simply ochre and water...which feels wonderful to the fingers!

  5. Just love the Flinders Rangers. Your pictures are great.