Sunday, 5 October 2014

back country, back story

if you click on the image above it should take you to the Moleskine site
where you can read the back story to back country online

when i receive my print copies
of which there will only be three
i will be annotating them in pencil and ink
one for the gallery
one for me
and one to go across the seas


  1. What an amazing, beautiful book!!! How you ever decided on the pictures to include are beyond me. They carry you through from one to the next almost like a song. Your work is wonderful and I love your Eco Colour book (yes, it's in my personal library!). Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Another wonderful book India!

  3. Beautiful book, amazing images, I love seemingly arid landscapes

  4. thank you for sharing the colours of the deep spirit of the land

  5. Tis gorgeous !
    ... the book, and the sublime rawness of that land.

  6. wounderful India , the colours in your red country cannot be more different from my D:K:

  7. Such rich and wonderful red earth. Beautiful book.

  8. So many beautiful, rich luscious reds and earthy colors... so textured... and the words... so poetic.

  9. Beautiful book for rich and powerful artwork. It is a stunner India!