Tuesday, 3 June 2014

so eventually i drifted into the home paddock

where i found a pile of mail
which included
a wonderful scarf from Hilde Blank in New Zealand
handwoven polwarth wool, dyed with eucalyptus
a precious bottle of my favourite scent, sadly no longer in production
when i heard it was to be axed i ordered some back up bottles and sent a note to Aesop bemoaning its loss...you could have knocked me down with a feather when i found a whole bottle had been sent me with their kind compliments
and magic dust! thank you Heidi, my sweet host at Titirangi. we had seen the empty space on the shelf marked "magic dust" when out shopping for gumbo ingredients in January and i'd expressed some curiosity as to what it might be. now i know. yum.

and although i had work to do
the forest was calling

there were mushrooms to be found
and picnics to be had

and later on
after a feast of potatoes and Lactarius deliciosus
to bed with some tasty reading
i love the way Nigel Slater writes about food.


  1. An exciting stash of mail! I'm always amazed at the colours you can get from eucalyptus.

  2. Me to, Nigel Slater I mean. I wish we had more types of eucalyptus over here would love to get those colours, love your pine whirl.

  3. Boatloads of gifts... I know the call of the forest when work needs to be done, the forest often wins!

  4. i love seeing your doings, and now that magic dust has been located, we're sure to find fairy dust.

  5. Ah, the home paddock. There's no place like it!

  6. Sounds like you might be back in Oz!! Welcome home - we can only look forward to what new inspiration you bring back with you - thanks for the journey you have taken us on - amazing!!

  7. Gosh what a wonderful scarf. I am intrigued by those mushrooms. I look later for mushrooms here in the forest in The Morvan, Burgundy but I didn't see any like that.

  8. That's a fine rock throne for mum ;>]
    Wondering if that's a xantho about to bloom? [have only ever seen one in a bot garden].
    As for Nigel, had to look him up, but the reviews sound real good, his approach no-nonsense.

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  10. So Nigel Slater is the cook from "Toast!" Loved the film, can't wait to read the books--thanks, India, for mentioning him.
    Miss you.