Friday, 6 June 2014

dye experiments

dye experiments don't always end in spectacular's an example

Squashing slices of Lactarius deliciosus between the pages of a moleskine notebook the first reveal [above] looked quite promising 
but it oxidized quite quickly
and was even less exciting after cooking
Good thing I was using pieces from one that was a bit too decrepit to enjoy 
warmed in a frying pan with sour cream, garlic and a little salt & pepper.

sometimes good food is just good food...and that's enough for me!


  1. yes, kitchen and studio arts merge and weave, come and go.

  2. I'm quite excited by your results. I'm sure you will find a way to improve them.

  3. no not everything managed with print i knew , i like your try ,son we will do others experiment in Scotland !!!!se you soon

  4. Too bad the orange didn't last, but at least in the end it is a color:). Many times my experiments yield tan, tan and tan.. at the best.

    1. Back in the dark ages, brown was "the new black"