Tuesday, 21 January 2014

the middle day

today it rained
which was perfect
because there was a lot of sewing to be done
even the workshop assistant was completely trashed by the end of it all
the morning bundles were carefully laid out
on one of the presents from kowtow
so that the drips could be absorbed as pre-mordants
[for whatever is to happen to it next]
the day was cool
we even needed to light a fire in the house
in the late afternoon the sun came out
just in time for us to take a swim
in cool refreshing invigorating
Cable Bay
we swam and floated
and drifted in the waves
until our thumbs began to look like prunes
and then hauled ourselves out
at first reluctantly
and then with enthusiasm
as our tummies reminded us that it was getting on for dinner time.
i was permitted to help cook
beginning with the digging of fresh potatoes [bliss]
cutting broccoli sprigs, picking dill, calendula flowers
chard leaves, thyme
in fact the only things in dinner that were not grown here
were haloumi and coconut oil.
it was good, oh so good.
no photo, too focussed on eating it...


  1. You are in Australia now I understand those garden pictures and the swim. We in Burgundy France are still in the depths of winter. Lovely lot of bound things and your sweet little dog.

    1. actually i am in Aotearoa [New Zealand] which is one up on my red-hot red island!

    2. Oh yes even more sense. Your're misty garden more like the English summer!

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  3. Bundles are totally art work in themselves.

    Oh, and I tried the urine mordant - peeewwwwwwww!

  4. i love your pre- mordant- you have all a wounderful day , enjoy the rest