Monday, 20 January 2014

small wonder

this small patch of paradise in the Lud Valley
looks a good deal like Monet's Garden
without the hordes of tourists and the Japanese bridge
[but there are plans for a pond or two]

there are no snakes
[or foxes]
so i can wander about with bear/bare feet
as long as i am careful not to step on the friendly bees
[otherwise i might get a beefoot]
step in the cauldron
which would not be[e] a Good Plan
we work outside on the deck
scattered about the soft lawn
around the fire [for which we have a permit]
or under the trees
where birds sing constantly, continuously and melodiously 

we have been making string
sewing zero waste nightgowns [using every scrap of a 1m x 1.3m piece of cloth]
thinking of how we will want our shapeshifter dresses to make us feel
and stitching those words on morsels of cloth
taking time to be, in this good place
at intervals Chloe appears with wonderful food
[most of which has been grown here in the gardens]
and the day concludes with a sumptuous afternoon tea

small wonder
New Zealanders call their country godzone...


  1. sounds like a wounderful dream , enjoy your days ! can i ask you to show the finish of your work interesting

  2. every day you make me wish I was somewhere with you.

  3. Wonderful I love new zealand.lived.there for sounds like your having the best time :)

  4. that sounds wonderful ... one of these days I will be able to join one of your retreat workshops and sloooooooooow down. today has been more rushed than usual - lots of new things back from the knitters - excitement and problems, as always with samples ... and the drill bit came so that I could get my thermocouple into the new kiln roof, finish the kiln refurb and pack a bisc firing to catch a night with no wind, far and few between this winter - a windy night might blow out the little gas flame ... gosh I make my life complicated! rewarding .. ... but how lovely to just stop, and think, in that kind of way ... and the birds and the bees and the flowers ... bliss ...

  5. How wonderful India! New Zealand is a beautiful place to walk of my utter joys!

  6. Sounds utterly delightful. I hope everyone is safe at home too.

  7. Every single bit of this sounds "sumptuous" but I do admit to being particularly taken with the idea of that afternoon tea.

    Looking forward immensely to viewing all your [bee-utiful] dresses.