Monday, 20 May 2013

carpe diem and a mailbox mystery

when i was much much younger
i thought that 'carpe diem' meant 'a fish a day'
[a bit like the doctor-deterring apple]

now i know it means something else and is quite Sagittarian.
[that Nike slogan 'just do it' sums us up quite well
and though it can sometimes lead to trouble
most times i find it a good plan]

when the Dogs Above were having me land stateside a couple of days early next month
i took it as a sign that they wanted me to do something there.

and when i floated the idea to my friend Claudia at the GrauHaus
she thought it showed signs of promise as well.

which means that if you're in Hollywood and at a loose end on the solstice  
you might like to join us for a day of play [and delicious lunch]

[if you're in Australia earlier in June, your playdate could have been found here, except that i just checked and it looks as though it could be booked out]

and thank you so very much to all those who took the time to comment on the previous post
especially if you had trouble with google and had to resort to trailing through the contact page on my website to encourage your pigeon to fly - it means a lot to me

awaiting a few more quotes from printers and then i shall be taking that big leap off the diving board
[fingers crossed no-one takes the plug out of the pool]

i do love getting stuff in the mail
this one has my grey cells morris-dancing [with bells on, in nineteen different positions]

.... why is it that i can think of at least nine people whose hand-writing is just like this?



  1. Card wasn't me. Wish I were on the left coast to join in this June.

    1. me, too, i'll be in the rockies, not quite far enough to the left.

  2. you have a Gascoigne? there's a twee video at the ANG (Australian National Gallery for non-AUS folks) about the work... the panels are not the same size in height width and depth... so it's sculptural rather than painterly... :-) here's a link

    1. j'adore her work. there was a brilliant and enormous exhibition of it at the NGV some years ago

  3. List the NINE... let them refute...

    1. Grandmama was wont to say, "a little mystery goes a long way"

    2. where's the LIKE button? *SMILING*

  4. yes, I want a LIKE button! (facebook habits :( )