Thursday, 10 January 2013

literally the last chance

this summer i've been deluged by emails enquiring about classes
so at the risk of becoming overly repetitive
wanted to remind my gentle reader that in order
to attend a class with me in the Deep South this year
you'll have to be quick,

the class in Brisbane has been full for some time 
and rumour has it that the one in the West has also filled

while i will be cooking for Roz Hawker's class in Goolwa
it won't be dyes
i will not be teaching. 
my lips will be sealed [unless i'm adjusting seasonings]

if you live in the Deep South
and would like to take a class
this is literally your last chance

"the wayfarer's wanderbook, looking into the heart"
a retreat that will take us via windfalls and dye cauldrons
into the realms of poetry [as well as stitching and book forms]
- fear not, sharing your writing with the class will be entirely voluntary - 

in the Lud Valley near Nelson on New Zealand's lovely south island
beginning January 20th

contact details here [please scroll down until you find Judy Keylock mentioned]

[i'm very curious to see if Griselinia littoralis 
will print pink on paper
as well as on cloth...]

and while on the subject of workshops
i've just heard that at least 6 really nice people [who have become my friends
since we met in workshops] have signed up for Sandra Brownlee's class
'Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word'
that will be held in Scotland in August this year.
i'm particularly pleased about this because
Alison and Jeanette [who run the Textile Centre at Newburgh]
took a leap and booked Sandra at my suggestion
even better
timed her workshop for the week after my artist residency there
[which follows on from my workshops]
so that i could be a student as well.



  1. *sigh* just to think of being on the South Island is bliss...

  2. Well here is how I feel, happy others can attend are really blessed, and I wish I could attend. One of my grandson's is playing professional hockey in Scotland this year.

    Have fun.....

  3. Sandra Brownlee is an amazing teacher and her Tactile Notebooks class is well worth your precious time and money! I'm still processing all that I learned from my class 1.5 years ago.

  4. This is so inspirational...I would love to touch each and every one of these fabrics. I wish you a wonderful classroom of adventuring artists! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. i'm so interested in seeing what happens with Griselinia littoralis on paper. been particularly pleased with late season Rhus typhina, staghorn sumac, gathered in the snow.