Friday, 11 January 2013

Haystack open studio

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts is a unique and wonderful institute 
situated in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the United States

rummaging around in the studio yesterday chasing a few last minute necessaries
i happened upon this page from last Fall's 'Gateway' publication and thought it worth sharing.

sadly my schedule precludes me applying this year
but then that might be greedy anyway, seeing as i had the good fortune to participate in a New Works session there last September

where i worked with paper and meditative repetition

is one of those places that 
[to put it simply]
changes your life.
i'm grateful to have been asked to teach there
and even more so for the quiet five days spent there
devoted to new work

i very much hope they'll have me back some time.



  1. My experiences there have also changed my life.......getting there is not easy.....but the journey is transformational.

  2. It is so pretty there. I love the wall of books you created.

  3. I've been there twice, made my 3 best friends there 25 years ago! Magical place. I'm going to put in an application. Ah Haystack!