Friday, 14 September 2012

the TSA had fun

the TSA certainly had fun this time
they left two notes in the leather hold-all that is my portable studio
took the gaffer tape off my jar of maple syrup
[guess who will be experimenting with maple syrup stains on cloth as pre-mordant]
and i can't work out whether they kept my nice silk nightgown
or whether i foolishly left it behind at the last helltell
at least my crown
[thank you Sally and Ben]
arrived home intact
tucked safely inside my North America 110 volt dyepot
[thank you Monika, the little sputnik is travelling well]


  1. guess that means you're 'home' - can just picture it, having seen you getting ready to travel away from the field and forest. Am still stitching madly, and cold bundling - you've inspired a new addiction. :D

  2. maybe the TSA should be crowned --- 'i dub thee sir mix-it-up-a-lot - go forth an plunder the goodies of innocent travellers with impunity'

  3. i have a brother-in-law who is one of them. i say no more.
    BUT you have a crown! YAY.

  4. Can't you just see the TSA worker's face while going through your bag and discovering not only the pot, but the crown. Priceless!

  5. Lol .... I would enjoy listening to comments at Customs. We've been watching Customs Australia on TV and every time I send a carving over I get nervous while watching the program. Glad you still have your crown!

  6. Lucky you....been looking for a portable dye pot for 2 years now with no luck yet.....curious....have you ever put notes in your bag for the TSA? I do from time to time...."traveling fiber artist....need these items for artwork"......dunno about the would think they could figure that out......and be nice enough to repack it. Sorry about your slip....

    1. I do leave nice notes asking them to please repack fragile items carefully
      And advising caution when unrolling pieces of cloth as there may be things cushioned in the middle
      I wonder just how literate those folks are.
      But on the whole I am grateful they are doing their job because when it comes to the crunch what I really want is to reach my destination safely
      And the next suitcase might just have something less innocent among the socks

  7. glad you had fun. that crown is to dye(!) for. Where did you get it India and what do you intend to do with it please? xlynda

    1. The crown was a gift ...I'm told it's origins are French
      As to intentions ?
      I've heard there's a certain road paved with them
      - and paving isn't one of my favourite occupations...