Monday, 10 September 2012

thank you Haystack

i was among the lucky ones
 able to attend the New Works session at Haystack 
this past week

on the first morning
i wandered out on to the deck
to gather a few leaves
here is the very first thing i found


as a portent it was spot on.

we spent four nights and three blissful days
working from early until very late
being fed wonderful food
lulled to sleep by the waves
and greeted cheerfully by jolly redbrown squirrels

Naomi Shihab Nye led three writing workshops
in themselves a revelation
i had not been to a writing class since year 10 at Heathfield High School
[which left much to be desired]
i would like to spend two weeks at Haystack 
[or anywhere really]
working with her
[just putting it out there]

i am replenished in body and spirit.
thank you Haystack and and all those who sail
and sail in, in this most marvellous vessel


  1. It looks wonderful...sigh...

  2. it is wonderful. my advice is to sign up for any course next summer...WHAT you participate in there is not so important as THAT you participate. a very special place [ and state of mind] indeed.

  3. i am more than thrilled for you.
    i love naomi shihab nye.
    a place a part.

    thank you, for sharring.

  4. One of my determined goals in 2013: Sit in India's audience :) Looking forward to my now and pending life; India thank you for your inspiration!

  5. Oh... wonderful. And that last image is beautiful and a mystery!

  6. i love haystack, too. it is most special and i am SO glad you had this just for you time. travel well.

  7. Haystack is transforming isn't it? I love those images all in a row...drawings and mark-makings. I went to Haystack 2 years ago and it was a place where I took a leap forward. It looks like you did too.