Wednesday, 5 September 2012

blethering blissfully in Belfast

i'm wandering north to Haystack
hugging the coast 
[and this morning discovered to my joy that i had miscounted the days and have an extra one up my sleeve]
last night i stayed at a slightly dodgy hostelry
[the sort that might feature in Psycho III]

it's been raining paws all day
thanks to the Dogs Above
 stopped just as i decided enough was enough

tonight i have this outside my window

when i saw the field
i thought i had gone to heaven
[without even dyeing]

so many dye plants in one small patch

i'll spare you the binary nomenclature for once
and just give a quick list

queen anne's lace
jewel weed
golden rod
wild strawberry
at least three sorts of asters

and then at the edge and even down to the sea
wild roses

and by the sea 
an abundance of seaweeds
[and very fine rocks]

in the morning i may do some gathering
if the breeze picks up there should be some nice windfall

i could live quite happily in this wee house
within earshot of the bell ringing on the buoy
which is the tiny dot on the horizon
in the picture below

on my journey i even found reading material

which is about a woman writing a novel
about the things that she knows
this is funny
in England last week
i decided to revisit the novel that i had euthanised
earlier this year
maybe i'll find some tips


  1. looks like a may sarton sort of place. lovely meadow, with a prize at its feet.

  2. and as you mention her here's a May Sarton quote

    “Now I become myself. It’s taken time, many years and places.”


  3. Finally, the rains have re-vived the mosses, and the garden is no longer shouting, water, WATER as I walk by...

    I NEED that wee house for about a week ( or M---O---R---E ) the field and the SEA. Have a great time at Haystack!

  4. Ohh, Belfast. I was just there recently myself. If you happen to have time go to the Chicken Barn outside of Ellsworth for the most amazing used book store.
    The dye jokes never get old, especially from you!

    1. flattery, flattery...and thanks for the tip about the Chicken Barn [although i have already acquired so many books that my shoulders are sagging under the carry-on weight]

  5. I'm itching to read Miss Buncle's Book. And yours.

  6. the title alone... inspires me. Perhaps I will be making a Miss Buncle. Thanks for the shout out on Sweetpea's bloggy too.

    1. what you said was well worth yodelling about :)

  7. As if there isn't enough foliage in Maine - keep and eye out for tufted bindweed (Polygonum cilinoide) in the fields. It makes an amazing range of colors and prints beautifully. It's an invasive-choking weed. I yank it out of my ditches (while it's heading for my garden) and recommission it for cloth!

    1. i saw the bindweed last night...was sitting there while typing the post thinking
      something is missing from this list...

      thank you for reminding me. it DOES print beautifully, we found it in south-west England too

  8. Wow India, one thing you aint gonna gather is ... moss! ;)

  9. ba ha ha - "without even dyeing"! Have to agree - dye jokes (like poo jokes) are probably never gonna get old. I think Miss Buncle sounds like a decent sort ... I like getting to share these places with you and through your peepers. Ta muchly.

  10. Come on now...your life is a series of continuous discovery. I am once again, destroyed.

  11. destroyed, how so? i find YOUR work utterly inspiring.