Saturday, 1 September 2012

learning to expect the unexpected

we had another splendid day at St Augustine's
quite appropriately
ecclesiastical purple seemed to prevail
[the pagan orange usually provided by eucalyptus was in abeyance]
although a couple of pre-loved teabags did their best on this landskin


this little flower may prove to be the new love of my life


and in a remarkable coincidence
i said to the class "i'm about to hand out a little present"
and one of the students, Aviva
"i have a present for you too"
handing me a lovely ball of wool dyed in yellow and green
oddly similar the the silk thread i was handing out

 at lunchtime i swung into the Selvedge shop
conveniently situated just up the road
yesterday i found a book of Chiyoko Tanaka's work
and i thought i'd have a look to see what other treasure might be on the shelves
[particularly as they were having a 20% off sale]

imagine my surprise when i found the catalogue
from my 2005 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival exhibition
"benedictus ex-dress" on the shelves amid the books being offered for sale
[i sent it to them way back then as part of a media kit]

especially remarkable as Selvedge declines to stock both


  1. Serendipitous, me thinks... is that a petunia variety?

  2. Oh ! the colour of the flowers is stunning !!!

  3. black petunia i guess.........
    i too got it a few days ago but the rain left not much of the flowers.....

  4. gloriously rich.... and the flowers are nice too..

  5. selvedge is notoriously squirrelly to deal with. but really!
    good finds, and chiyoko tanaka is new to me. thanks.

  6. forgot to say i like your title.

  7. 10 bad points for Selvedge, very disappointing.

  8. Selvedge has great potential, though...seems to me that they may need to decide whether they are a high-end home textiles shop
    a classy, tightly edited cutting edge textile magazine. at present there's a sense of interrupting their important work when wanting to ask about stuff [with the intent of buying]
    which doesn't really make me a keener customer.