Friday, 31 August 2012

Dog Willing and with a Fair Wind

i'm in London now
staying with my friend Sue Pearl
and steering the current class
through gentle waves towards their 'Landskins'

there are still images to share from Hart's Barn
especially this one
sent by Caroline

and these two [also from Caroline]

and here are some more with rather
glorious colour, especially the brilliant yellow
from purple buddleia flowers


  1. kee hee hee - I love how the pics below the spotty dog have a distinct tail-like mark running through the middle of them.... I've been imagining that the spotty dog has been doing a spot of eco dyeing....

    (ps that pink is something else!)

  2. Is London still buzzing with post-Olympic and now Para-Olympic fervor? The textiles all look lovely don't they? The dog looks like the scrumbly kind ...

  3. That yellow is so intense!! Really beautiful. Say hello to Sue for me. Will catch up with her in November.

  4. Those are delightful! How long before those bundles were unfurled?


  5. apologizing in advance, Blogger appears to be making a random selection in terms of publishing comments...they all make it to the inbox but only a few seem to end up where they were intended. sigh.

  6. Those look amazing I am so envious of the people that managed to get on these courses I do hope you will be back in old blighty again soon.

  7. I'm so inspired by your work, I've started using hapa zome with children and currently have 2 pots of solar dying experiments on my windowsill. I love what you create. If you do run workshops in the uk, I would love to join you.

    1. i recommend calming herbs such as basil and lavender when letting children beat plants into cloth :)

      avoid coffee leaves and chili....