Monday, 27 August 2012

open sky/road

yesterday i headed south
in the company of friends
[a Very Good way of travelling]
i want to share this post from Zen Habits
that fluttered into the inbox recently

it's about being open
and i particularly like the advice
to be like the sky
am taking it to heart

playtime today
here in the southwest of the green-and-pleasant land
already we have found ragwort [Senecio jacobaea]
in abundance
i see a golden glow ahead


  1. i love this post on zen habits .
    thank you .

  2. for fun-there's a local bar, VERY rural, The Golden Glow. never been in, though.

  3. Great post from Zen Habits...Thanks India. I bet your hair is shining today after yesterdays extra long treatment.

  4. The sky/road image takes me back to graduate school where a colleague was making beautiful paintings of the open road, slightly curved to include the earths curves. She was from midwest US where there are a LOT of big skies and roads. A happy golden glow to you!

  5. Not sure I feel particularly zen most of the time (massive shortcomings override good sense) but I admit, I added my name to his email list of recipients. Can't hurt, I figure. May direct some calm thoughts my way.

    I can do sky. Lots of that bigness here...if one is paying attention ;>]]

  6. I added my name to Zen Habits, too. This was a particularly interesting post and I hope I can let myself learn from it. Thanks, India.