Sunday, 26 August 2012

gibbering happily

i was so excited after the performance last night
which i have to say was utterly magical
that i forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair this morning
and went down to breakfast wearing
a new and startling version of the 
"surprised parrot" hairstyle i seem to have been perfecting this year.

luckily it was yummy Aesop and so
the fragrance [when it dawned on me]
didn't overpower my bucket of coffee

it was a pretty exciting day yesterday on all counts
including catching up with a friend i hadn't seen or heard from for 8 years
[who now lives mostly in Spain]
doing a trade with a stallholder at the Fringe Craft Market -
i swapped a silk scarf for the big white bead in the image below
and i like it very much indeed

it goes very well with the rest of the collection
which features treasures including work by Roz Hawker

the copper pennies in conjunction with
berberis and local water
produced an unexpected colour
but quite suited to Scotland
Lady Macbeth would love it

but i poured it onto the work anyway
waste not, want not
and after all
it IS a travel journal of sorts

and last but not least [and much less surprising]
the one bunny
had morphed
into two

and the icing on the cupcake
is that i'll be back in Scotland next year
details coming soon


  1. icing AS WELL AS cake
    gosh !
    does it get any better?
    all wonderful stuff mz I

  2. oh, GRAND! congratulations.

    watch those bunnies...

  3. Bunnies have a way of doing that huh? so much excitement - no wonder you needed a bucket of coffee!

  4. Hello India,
    Are you planning a workshop in Scotland next summer? I'll be in Northern England for 4 weeks in 2013...if it's possible I would like to participate!

    1. it with be at the Textile Centre in Newburgh sometime in August...details soon

    2. Thank you, I am going to check and try to keep in touch! I would love to take part!

  5. Hi India

    If you are back in Scotland will you be doing workshops in England, I discovered too late that you were over here and would love to take part in one of your workshops I suspect along with a load of other people from this end of the country, namely Bristol in the South West.

    1. am teaching in the South West starting tomorrow morning :)

      not sure if that will be repeated next year...

  6. I feel your excitement. Bliss on Toast to be sure! Cheers!

  7. by the time you return the whole place may be covered in rabbits!

  8. Love the necklace... especially the little crocheted basket bead??? Cool... and guess what they say is true, 'bout those bunnies.

    1. that crochet basket / billum is quite handy for tiny treasurs when on the run :)

  9. about to walk through the woods to find the workshop - glad the show went well