Monday, 30 July 2012

stargazy pie

Oscar Wilde famously pronounced
"we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"

and some of us like stars so much
we'll kneel down in the gutter
and take rubbings of them

  much to the amusement of passersby

poetry is everywhere
some quite obviously placed

and some, you have to read between the lines

 after five glorious days in my favourite city
during which i have been offered extraordinary pleasures
sitting for a while on on a ceramics class for teachers of science
taught at the Exploratorium by Nikki Jackson
[for whose friendship and companionship i am deeply grateful]
where i was able to observe some of the alchemical processes
that lead to this

i say farewell

and board a south-bound train
headed for the City of Angels

for twelve hours
the caterpillar mumbles through the countryside

i arrive in Los Angeles and the dress gets an airing
after snuffling in the stuffiness of suitcase
light breezes here in the Hollywood Hills
should help to prevent it turning into a furred bear
[i don't want it going mouldy]

after a restful night in the arms of the angels
we venture out in search of dye material for tomorrow's class
which will be here in a charming complex of eclectic buildings
on Sunset Boulevard, once an outdoor shopping mall

at the Farmer's market
in between stalls of fragrant produce
there are more stars


  1. fun post. Enjoy L.A.! One of my boys flies home from there tomorrow... I love all the pictures, the recurring stars... As for the included poetry, I prefer the 'found' text!

  2. 'Hitch your wagon to a star.'

    (or your caterpillar....)

    1. When you wish upon a star
      Makes no diff'rence who you are

  3. Lovely tour! Glad you enjoyed the train and found some California stars.

  4. That caravan of 'silver bullets' on the beach has my heart.........

  5. I love your search for stars and for poetry -- in the every day surroundings.. and your sense of place in your travels are wonderful

  6. stars and angels on the other coast. good gathering and work. i'm a little late, sorry.

    1. "a wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins, nor is he early. he arrives precisely when he means to."

  7. ha, and arriving when i am meant to tooo
    i still want that line about the south bound train to the city of angels to say
    i was leaving on that midnight train to georgia

    1. plotting to get a train to New Orleans though...apparently called the Sunset.
      not sure there's a song about that...