Sunday, 10 June 2012

studio assistance/assistants

meet Bumble
she's been hanging around me a bit of late
looking for entertainment

Martha is usually close by as well
here she is, sorting out some important studio stuff

today Bumble ventured into the workroom
to make sure i wasn't just reading a book by the fire

[yes the pix are gloomy, i didn't want to fry her retinae with a flash]
but there wasn't anything good to eat
particularly exciting going on

so she went back out to play with Martha instead


  1. My kids just read this post with delight, would make for a sweet picture book ;)

  2. I wish my studio assistants were this cute!!! How cooool is that to have your very own SHEEP!!! wow,,,love the cat too.
    They must keep you good company.

  3. oh, so fun! bumble has a great name. i spy some FINE rocks.

  4. haha! bumble knows where the action is

  5. Bumble looks adorable. It's important to have studio assistants. Mine is very attentive and is lookng over my shoulder as we speak.

  6. Bumble and Martha splendid babies. I love kitties, I love sheep(s). a lovely wander through your day....your life...earthy and real.

    thank you for sharing.

  7. what a fun glimpse into your day and furry friends

  8. Oh I think this might just be the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. Bumble and Martha, the trusty assistants, absolutely perfect :) Your studio is delightful.